StoryScale vs. DemoStack

Not all interactive demo platforms are the same.

DemoStack is designed for interactive product tours. StoryScale is an easy-to-use demo platform with personalized sales demos, website product tours, and customer success solutions.

StoryScale  demo studio on a laptop showing no code demo editing tools

Compare DemoStack and StoryScale

Guided and non-linear tours, no code design, easy screen editing, responsive mobile delivery, personalization - StoryScale simply offers more.

Two people viewing an interactive demo on a laptop.



Platform Features
No Code Demo Creation
HTML Screen Import (Chrome Extension)
Image Screen Uploads
Onscreen Visual Editing
Mobile Optimization and Delivery
Zooms and Animations
Full Source Control and Edit
Guides and Lightboxes
Assets and Media
Storyboard (Demo Flow)
Non-Linear Tours / Groups
Delivery Features
Dynamic Website Delivery
Links and Shares
Personalization Wizard
Analytics Features
Demo Engagement Reports
Conversion Rate
Google Tag Manager Integration
Custom Tracking Code

Personalize demos.
Easy as 1-2-3

Personalize your demos. Variables allow you to dynamically update screens and messages with personalized content. The personalization wizard generates a custom demo for your target accounts, contacts, or vertical markets.
The demo personalization wizard in the storyscale interactive product tours platform

Small screens make a big difference

Why use a product demo platform that doesn't work on mobile phones? StoryScale is the *only* demo platform with responsive mobile delivery.
Editing an interactive product demo with StoryScale on a laptop