Events and Tradeshows

Turn your booth into a demo center

Uplift your event game with  interactive kiosks for instant floor demos. Drive product qualified leads and sign-ups.


Show 'em, don't tell 'em

Tours are magic for events. Short, easy, product experiences that drive customer engagement and spark conversations.

Demo on laptops or tablets

You don't need custom kiosks or hardware to add demos to your event. Simply set up any PC, laptop, or tablet.

Demo-up event leads and opps

StoryScale smart CTA's capture leads and sign-ups. Works with you marketing automation system.

A man and woman working on their laptops in a loft office

Use StoryScale demos in your event mix

StoryScale drives buyer-centric experiences across all your events, whether they're in-person, hybrid, or virtual. Efficiently deliver product demos and manage real-time lead capture into your marketing automation system. StoryScale delivers better buyer experiences that generate greater ROI.


Measure and optimize your event strategy

Get valuable insight on performance and impact. Our demo solution gives you the information you need to evaluate engagement and track activity across your full event portfolio. Optimize your strategy and prove the return on investment for your biggest budget line item.

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