Bingeable content ignites demand

Deliver immersive content experiences that engage customers and capture demand.

The StoryScale content experience viewer with ebooks and video

The ultimate content experience: Engage, convert, and binge

Elevate your brand with bingeable ebooks, blog posts, videos, and more—all showcased in an interactive content viewer that tracks first-party data. No more guesswork; understand your buyers' intent and engagement like never before.

Bingeable content viewer
Increase content engagement
True Content analytics
Personalize for key accounts
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Immersive content viewer

A sleek content viewer that keeps them coming back for more. Maximize engagement and keep prospects hooked from start to finish.

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Lead-capture CTAs

Seamlessly capture leads using CTAs integrated with HubSpot and Marketo. Drive conversions through content experience.

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Dynamic delivery

Launch dynamically on your website using smart triggers—scroll depth, exit intent, duration— to deliver content at the perfect moment.

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Content experience

Bounce-less content

Tired of bouncing over 90% of your inbound traffic on gated content downloads? Flip your funnel. Deliver content marketing in a Netflix-style experience and capture leads after the visitor is engaged. It's the smart way to do content marketing.

Immersive content view with AI recommendation
Built-in lead capture tools
Deliver content dynamically by time, scroll depth or exit intent
Omnichannel content

Prescriptive. Any content type.

Create seamless content sequences, tailored for success. Showcase ebooks, white papers, infographics, videos, blogs, and web content—all within a single, captivating viewing experience. Say goodbye to content silos and hello to seamless storytelling.

Drive engagement with prescriptive content sequences
Delivers any content type all in a single frame
Infinity scroll auto-loads the next conent episode
Schedule a demo
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Content analytics

Data-driven content insights

Track every interaction, view, and binge. Gain valuable insights into prospect behavior and fine-tune your content strategy for maximum impact.

Measure content performance with real-time analytics
Identify top-performing content pieces that resonate with your audience
Utilize buyer intent data to tailor your content and nurture leads effectively

Content Experience Features

Deliver captivating storytelling. Up your engagement game and drive higher conversions with immersive content experiences.

Content viewer

Deliver PDFs, videos, and web content in a single frame. Maximize consumption and deeply engage buyers.

Dynamic delivery

Over the top (OTT) website delivery. Dynamically launch experiences based on triggers and events such as exit intent, page load, or duration.


Launch the viewer on websites, embed on posts or pages, or share via email, chatbots, SMS, and other channels.

Lead capture

Flip your funnel. Let customers view content first, then fire paywalls and CTAs so they can opt-in to view the full resource.

Infinity scroll

StoryScale automatically loads the next content resource. Optimize consumption with never ending content.


Prescriptive content sequences guide users through content journeys. Organize sequences by product, topic, buying stage and other facets.

Enablement hubs

Create a library of your sales and marketing resources. Metadata filters, search, and favorites deliver quick access for your sellers.


Set notifications to alert you when a prospect views an experience, binge on multiple resources, or convert on a CTA.

Content analytics

Measure engagement on every resource. Content analytics reveal contents true impact and buyer intent.