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Personalize demos at scale

Demos sell software. Keep your buyers engaged and accelerate sales cycles with interactive product demos.


Demo faster. Demo more.

Use StoryScale on discovery calls, sales-led demos, self-service SMB or commercial accounts, prospecting, or leave behinds.

Personalize in minutes

Buyers today want to see the product first. Deliver the experiences that engage top of funnel and deliver the successful self-service evaluations.

Go from oh-no to aha

Demo glitches impacting your pipeline? StoryScale demos always start with clean data, and run flawlessly withou the risk of a live product environment.

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Automate you sales demos

Take control of your product demos. With StoryScale everyone on your revenue team has access to a library of interactive product demos. Frontline sellers can easily personalize demos. And all your demo activity is tracked and measured.

Online demo library
Easy to present and share
Personalization wizard
No code editing and updates
Sales Demos

Save time with on-demand sales demos

Presenting a demo should be easy. With StoryScale sellers can browse and select from a library of reliable, on-message product demos and tours. No more hunting for passwords, cleaning up old content and data, demo errors, SE bottlenecks, or distracting demo scripts.

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StoryScale demo personalization wizard
Demo Personalization

Win with personalization

Don't just tell them what you do. Show them how to you solve their challenges. The StoryScale personalization wizard instantly customizes demos with account branding and data, contact info, and vertical solutions content.

Personalize any demo in minutes
Share demos online or securely send outbound
Add custom variables to on-screen content and guides
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Measure every moment. Demo analytics

StoryScale Insights is analytics just for demos. You can measure engagement, optimize your funnels and demo flow, and track buyer conversions.

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