Sell how you want to buy

The last few years have been a rollercoaster. But even before the pandemic, tech sales and marketing were already changing.

Customer acquisition costs have skyrocketed by 60% in the last five years. Traditional playbooks no longer work. Buyers increasingly want to start anonymous, do online research, get referrals from peers, and make decisions as part of a committee. Hint: they are in the “Dark Funnel” because they want to be.

While this shift may be frustrating to some revenue teams, embrace it. It’s a new era. To win you need to offer digital experiences that help buyers make successful independent evaluations. We call it autonomous marketing. You can think of it as self-driving sales experiences.

Autonomous marketing is a buyer-centered model. The goal is to empower buyers to evaluate products and solutions without friction or delay. According to Gartner, 43% of buyers already prefer a rep-free experience. The trend is only accelerating.

In a world where 70% of the buyer’s journey happens before speaking with sales, the seismic opportunity is to empower buyers with self-service product demos and experiences.

People want to experience software products, see how they work, how they solve problems, before speaking with sales or committing to an evaluation. Marketing teams need to show, not tell, to engage buyers.

We believe the most important thing a brand can do today is to deliver a modern, customer-first, digital buying experience.

It’s why we started StoryScale.

StoryScale is the world’s first buyer enablement platform. We believe people deserve a better software buying experience. It’s a simple philosophy:

Sell how you want to buy.

Sales is not going away. It’s evolving for the better. Revenue teams are thrilled to use product-led motions to find buyers who are qualified, engaged, and ready to move ahead.

If you believe in a better way to buy and sell software, Try StoryScale for Free.

We’ll help you launch your first product tour and deliver the buying experience your customers deserve.