Customer Success

Customers onboard, learn, and thrive

Enable customer success with frictionless product demos and experiences.


Onboard with ease

Interactive tours teach customers how to use your software. Step-by-step tours get customers clicking with your apps.

Create tutorials for success

From customer onboarding to training, upsells, and retention, your customer success team’s performance will elevate.

Upsell ahead of releases

StoryScale Tours get you there first, whether gauging interest in new features or pre-selling upgrades.

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Solutions for customer success

While customers may love you, what they really want is self-service success. Eliminate the friction by launching interactive product walk-thru’s, onboarding experiences, and deep resource libraries.

Demo creation

More demos. Less code.  

With StoryScale you can create the product tour or tutorial of your dreams without code or complexity. StoryScale Studio is a visual demo creation platform designed for marketing users.

No code demo studio for live code screens and screen captures
Guided and non-linear demo paths
Customize branding, styles, and interactions
Get a Demo
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Product Tours

Digital Success at scale

With StoryScale on-demand product tours you can serve 1,000 customers as easily as one. Invest in growth by shifting manual one-off customer success tasks to unlimited digital to interactions.

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