Make Your Sales and Marketing GTM Self-Service

Self-service is no longer just product support; it's the new go-to-market. Enable buyers with product-led demos.

The term "self-service" was once synonymous with product support. However, a transformation is currently underway, with product marketing embracing the self-service approach. Gartner reports that almost 50% of buyers now favor a sales experience that doesn't involve a sales representative. Add-in the rise of product-led growth and you have seismic change is how software is marketed and sold. 

So, how are tech brands responding to this shift in the market, and what role does StoryScale play in the self-service GTM revolution? 

Let's delve deeper into this groundbreaking change and explore how StoryScale's interactive product tours are transforming the self-service sales landscape.

Gartner's Insight: The Preference for Rep-Free Sales

With buyers becoming increasingly tech-savvy, the traditional sales process is undergoing a radical transformation. The term "self-service" was historically confined to the realm of product support, where customers sought help with troubleshooting or technical issues. However, today, it extends far beyond that, encompassing the entire buying journey.

Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm, offers a crucial insight into the changing dynamics of the tech sales landscape. Their research indicates that a significant proportion of buyers—nearly half—now lean towards a sales experience that doesn't involve a sales representative. This shift highlights a growing desire among buyers for a more independent and self-guided purchasing journey.

Survey: Clickable Product Tours as a Self-Service GTM Solution

To meet the rising demand for self-service sales, tech brands are exploring innovative strategies. A recent survey by Demandbase, a B2B marketing platform, provides valuable insights into this emerging trend. The survey reveals that 45% of tech industry professionals have turned to clickable product tours as a solution.

Clickable product tours are interactive guides that allow potential buyers to explore a software or product at their convenience. These tours eliminate the barriers of time constraints and geographical limitations, providing a smoother buying experience with reduced delays and friction.

Self-Service Sales: Meeting Buyer Preferences with StoryScale

We specialize in creating interactive product tours that empower buyers to take control of their purchasing journey. These tours offer the opportunity to test software without the constraints of a traditional free trial or the commitment required for a full-scale sales demo.

One of the key advantages of StoryScale's interactive product tours is their ability to transform your product into a powerful marketing tool. These tours enable tech companies to showcase their solutions in a dynamic and engaging manner, capturing the interest of potential buyers.

Buyers increasingly prefer self-service options. They want to explore products and solutions on their own terms, without being reliant on sales representatives. StoryScale addresses this demand by providing hands-on interactive product tours, which empower buyers to "cross the consideration chasm."

The advantages of incorporating StoryScale into your self-service sales strategy are significant. By enabling potential buyers to explore your offerings independently, you can accelerate sales cycles, generate more demand, and significantly reduce demo creation and maintenance costs, up to 80%.

Taking the First Step Towards Self-Service Sales Transformation

Are you ready to explore the transformative potential of StoryScale in for self-service sales? Start by reaching out to us, and we'll guide you through the possibilities and benefits of StoryScale's interactive product tours.

With clickable product tours and interactive demos, StoryScale empowers buyers, accelerates sales, and enhances the overall customer journey. Explore the potential of StoryScale and take the first step toward a self-service sales transformation that will elevate your tech brand above the rest.