New Gartner Market Guide for Interactive Demo Applications

Covers StoryScale's leading mobile delivery, personalization, and upcoming generative AI tools.

StoryScale is featured in the first-ever Gartner Market Guide for Interactive Demonstration Applications.

The report is the result of deep market research and vendor analysis to determine the top solutions in the interactive demo market and provide analysis of capabilities and use cases.

We are excited to see Gartner to continue to focus on interactive product demos as a cornerstone solution for supporting the new customer journey and go-to-market strategy for technology businesses.

The new guide lists all of the leading solutions that deliver interactive product demonstrations and demo automation. We are proud to be included among the top vendors in this space.

The report highlights StoryScale's leading mobile delivery, personalization features, and upcoming generative AI tools. We have developed a mobile-first platform that delivers seamless and engaging experiences across all devices. Our personalization features enable users to tailor their demos to specific audiences, while our upcoming generative AI tools will provide even more advanced and personalized experiences.

The new market guide also defines use cases and benefits for key stakeholders; including:

  • Presales, SEs, account executives
  • Product marketers and demand generation
  • Product managers
  • customer success teams

It highlights how each of these stakeholders can leverage interactive demonstration applications to support their respective functions. For example, presales teams can use interactive demos to accelerate the sales process and increase win rates, while customer success teams can use them to drive adoption and retention.

At StoryScale, we understand the unique needs of each stakeholder and have developed a platform that can support a range of use cases for supporting the entire customer lifecycle; from customer awareness, acquisition, onboarding, and retention.

To access the report, please visit We encourage you to read the report and learn more about the interactive demonstration applications market and the vendors leading innovation in this space.