Gartner Research highlights StoryScale in PLG report

StoryScale listed in “Technologies That Drive Product-Led Growth" report.

Product-led growth is a big deal. It represents a major shift in how software is bought and sold. The majority of buyers today prefer to start software evaluations independently.  

For software vendors, the shift to PLG can be daunting. You often need to change your product to support an entirely new set of processes. And in many cases business software platforms do not fit the easy onboarding and trial model of PLG. 

According to the recent Gartner report, “Technologies That Drive Product-Led Growth,” interactive product tours are a critical tool in helping vendors support PLG without retooling their entire application. 

In the report, Gartner Research highlights StoryScale as one of the leading vendors supporting PLG solutions with our interactive product demo platform. 

With StoryScale’s self-running product demos, prospective buyers can experience a software product without needing to create and onboard a new account or implement a custom solution. 

Interactive product tours and demos can fill the gap between a full product trial and a sales-led presentation. Moreover, an interactive tour can help “Cross the Consideration Chasm,” providing just enough product insight to shortlist a platform for a new project or use case. 

If you are looking to support better product-led growth in your software platform or as part of your go-to market, the Gartner Report is a good starting point. 

If you’re ready to evaluate the StoryScale interactive product tour platform, meet with us or set up a free trial. We are available to help you get started with PLG.