StoryScale featured in the Presales Buyers Guide

The Presales Buyers Guide covers the leading solutions driving the digital customer journey.

We’re in the midst of a presales revolution. New tools and capabilities are emerging at a rapid pace. The way that people evaluate new software and technology is changing quickly. From product-led growth to buyer enablement, it's a new go-to-market era.  

This is why were are so excited to be featured in the new Presales Buyers Guide.

The guide covers all of the leading tools and solutions that support product demos, evaluation, and modern selling. 

StoryScale is listed as a leading demo automation solution. 

Demo automation has become an increasingly important part of the sales process, as buyers are often looking for a quick and easy way to learn more about a product or service before making a purchase. 

StoryScale offers a solution for creating interactive product tours and demos with no code required. It allows customers to quickly get up to speed on what your product or service can do, without having to spend hours learning how it works. With StoryScale, you can create shareable product tours and demos in minutes, giving customers an engaging and frictionless experience.

Plus, StoryScale also covers all the typical use cases for product tour software, including marketing, sales, customer success, and channel partners. 

When you’re ready to start evaluating solutions, schedule a demo with our team and we will show you how to launch interactive demos for your company.